The Shivaling abhisheka – Scientific Importance

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This post consists of a tested activity and a glimpse of the science behind it.

Shivaling Structure                                              Nuclear Reactor Structure

Try watering the Shivaling daily after bathing, and you will definitely experience a reigning sense of calm and peace within a day or two. Do share your experiences as comments here.

This activity has shown results in more than 30 people who have tried this activity. The results were evident for some in 1 day for some in 2 days.

The structure of the shivling has a deep importance with respect to our lineage, and genetic codes in our body to the microscopic level of the atom and its components namely the protons, neutrons and electrons.

There is a huge amount of energy stored at the nucleus of the atom. When this is disturbed, the energy released causes destruction.
The rishis have named the neutron as “Har”, proton as “Hari” and electrons as “Brahma”.

Neutrons do not have charge, hence it is the proton which holds the electron revolving in an orbit. This is visualised as Hari (Lord Vishnu) with Brahma connected through the cord from his navel. Shiva is considered to be in a meditative state always.

If the number of protons, neutrons, electrons change then it results in a completely different element. Similar is the concept of the workings of the universe based on “Har”, “Hari”, “Brahma”.

If the nucleus is disturbed, the energy released is destructive and uncontrollable similar to the opening of the third eye of Lord Shiva resulting in Pralayam. Pralayam (destruction) takes place at the end of the yugas and maha yugas, producing a different flavor of living existence in the universe.

If we now look at the nuclear reactor, its shape and characteristics of working, you will find it very similar to the shivaling. The reason behind the structure is to keep the energy under control . This shape is considered as an optimum solution when it comes to pressure Vs material and construction costs.

You will also find the shivaling structure when constructing igloos in very cold regions.

To keep the balance of energies and calm, coolants are used. In the case of the shivling, milk and water is used to keep lord Shiva calm and peaceful.

Try to sit in the lotus pose yourself and carve an outline of this structure, it will represent the Shivaling (shown in diagram above).
To calm down the heat (imbalance) within oneself whether in the form of fevers, diseases or emotional issues and aggressions, we wash our face with cold water or take a cold water head bath to calm ourselves.

We highly resonate with this structure of the shivaling. Try and water the shivaling daily after taking bath, you will definitely experience peace of mind within one or two days of this activity. If you continue this activity regularly you will be able to eventually come out from diseases or at least find the solution for the disease. The source of any disease starts from the mind.

You can chant “Om namah Shivaya” while watering the Shivaling. This is a sound therapy with deep science. We shall discuss this as a different topic.

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  1. Balakrishna poduval

    How, Sampradaji, construction becomes cost effective. Doesn’t the cylindrical format of the top portion increase cost?

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      Please read through this link for the physics behind the shape.

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    Very well explained scientifically

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