Rolex Yachtmaster Lady Replica High Quality Guarantee

The Rolex Yachtmaster Lady Replica is available in white or rose gold and features a new movement that seems to defy gravity. It also has a strikingly original box-domed sapphire, which took months of research and development. This watch surpasses all expectations about what modern watchmaking technology and craft can do.

Modern-sized 44mm dial in 18ct rosegold version is made of dark stone. It was carved from a slab. The 18ct gold version is constructed on a clean black honeycomb grid.

The Best Rolex Yachtmaster Lady Replica bridges at four o’clock and the 7-day reserve indicator at seven o’clock are the most striking features. They are shaped like boomerangs, and appear to be floating in the air. The hour and minute indicators, as well as the beautiful gear trains, are also'skeletonized'.

Another outstanding achievement is the sapphire-glass box that houses these 'flying’ elements. Complexity and perfection of the structure, including the finishing touches such as the angles and polishing required a lot of patience and careful experimentation. Even though the caseback is made of sapphire, there isn't much to see inside. In a complete reverse of watchmaking conventions, all the intricate components can be seen on the dial side.

The brand-new UN-176 mechanical motor drives all of this beauty, which was entirely created in-house at La Chaux-de-Fonds. The "Ulysse Anchor Escapement", which is a revolutionary tech-nology, powers the flying tourbillon. It replaces the traditional Swiss lever escapement method and uses Rolex's low-friction silicium in place of metal or synthetic rubies.

The High Quality Rolex Yachtmaster Lady Replica, unlike other Rolex tourbillons is not limited edition. It's a full-run production launch. It is visually stunning and is made for people who enjoy the best engineering and aesthetics.