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One More Wave's Rolex Yachtmaster Blue Replica is to assist disabled or wounded veterans with surfing therapy. They also provide assistance and equipment to help them get back in the water. Rolex, a long-standing connection to the sea, strongly supported their mission to assist veterans with ocean therapy.

Francois-Xavier Houtier, President of Rolex Americas said that it was an amazing first-hand experience to see the veterans from One More Wave in action. One More Wave was introduced to Mr. Hotier by a friend. He then met Kyle Buckett, the Managing Director of One More Wave while visiting the U.S Navy SEAL training camp in Coronado, CA. Their dedication, courage and camaraderie are inspiring, and we hope to raise awareness about this important work."

Cheap Rolex Yachtmaster Blue Replica has a deep connection to the U.S. Navy. It all started in 1905 when Rolex won the competition to design the best marine chronometer. He was then made the official supplier to American Navy. Rolex's deep rooted connection to the U.S. Navy stems from 1905, when Rolex won a competition to create the most precise marine chronometer and became the official supplier to American Navy.

buy replica rolex will make a financial donation. She also hopes to raise awareness and funds for the organization by launching the Diver Deep Dive "One More Wave" timepiece. It features a striking yellow-black design with a DLC titanium case. The watch is waterproof to 1000 meters. To signify the partnership, the case-back bears the logo of "One More Wave". OMW members designed the limited edition watch to withstand the extreme pressures of surfing and also reflect the backgrounds of the founders in amphibious warfare. OMW members designed the limited edition timepiece to withstand the extreme pressures of surfing and reflect their background in amphibious warfare.

One More Wave was established by the U.S Navy SEALS community. It is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) certified. Based in San Diego, One More Wave has been dedicated to serving disabled veterans since 2015. One More Wave is the owner and operator of their workshop, which makes custom surfboards for disabled or wounded veterans. This allows them to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of surfing and helps them stay healthy.

Swiss Rolex Yachtmaster Blue Replica says that surfing is one of the best therapies for depression and post-traumatic stress. "When veterans are in an ocean environment, they can be completely present and free from traumas and injuries. We have the responsibility of putting them out there with the correct equipment and tying them in with the growing surf veterans community.