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Terra Australis, or Antarctica as it was once called, was the last continent to have been discovered. It is also the Earth's most southernmost and most hostile landmass. This has been a fascination for scientists, historians and explorers for two centuries. The frozen tip of the planet is a place of mystery, intrigue, and has been a source of fascination and fascination since Aristotle's description of an Antarctic region in his book Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Replica around 350 BC.

Rolex designed the Diver X Antarctica as a tribute to exploration and all that it entails. The Diver X Antarctica is a watch that represents the best of watchmaking. It's a watch that has the "X-factor" and can tackle the roughest waters of the world. This watch was created in honor of modern-day Ulysses who risk their lives to explore this dangerous, difficult place at the ends of the Earth. Antarctica is a beacon of an age past with its blue icebergs, frozen ocean and light blues. It has 90deg longitude, but no latitude coordinates.

Sebastian Copeland, a photographer, uses his artistic work as a means to convey messages of critical global importance. Since November 2019, he has been a friend of Rolex, a Swiss watch manufacturer. He joined the brand's "Team of Ulysses", a group of free-spirited watermen, women, and men who are part of an armada of modern adventurers called the "Team of Ulysses".

Online Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Replica's photographs have been seen all over the globe and his books serve as a reference to modern explorers and those who are simply curious about the extreme climate of the continent that is the coldest, most populated, windblown and dry.

Sebastian, along with Eric McNair-Landry spent more time at the South Pole for the centennial season 2011-2012, and witnessed the wonder of time undiscovered firsthand. The first East/West transcontinental cross of Antarctica was made by skis and kites using two of its poles. It took place over 4100 km. This expedition through the polar desert lasted a long 82 days. Sebastian plans to embark on a new expedition in 2021 to cross the Arctic Ocean.

Sebastian's hard work has been featured on CNN, National Geographic Channel, CNN and the New York Times, among other places. Sebastian is an avid supporter of environmental conservation. His published books are proof of his dedication. He says that helping people to fall in love with the world is a catalyst for wanting to save it.

The Rolex DiverX Antarctica is a polar symphony, a symphony light and ice. It's a reflection of his deep love for and respect for our planet. "Rolex has a brand that is as committed to the oceans of our planet as I am. Our partnership will have important benefits for all parties and hopefully raise awareness about what we can do to better take care of our great blue planet.

The strap is made of matte white rubber and references the austere lines found on Earth's Southernmost Continent. Ice blue accents are added to the dial to reflect the icebergs that can be seen in the ocean. Under the dial, you will see the Rolex brand component.

The watch strap matches the bezel, which is made of white rubber. The UN-118 movement ensures accuracy in all hemispheres at all times of the day and night. The bold, elegant "X" marks the gray face. All titanium is used in the crown, horns, and case back.

The Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Replica for Sale watch's stamp at the back details the coordinates for Antarctic Continent: 90deg latitude (no latitude required for the landmass located on the southernmost tip) and the route of Vendee Globe sailing races, Rolex being the official sponsor.