Bharat Paddhat – A quick Glimpse

Bharat Paddhat is a book authored by Mrs. Samprada N, and is a collection of 4 non-invasive therapies to heal, relieve one of health issues.

These therapies build up an individual’s immunity system so that the person does not get affected to diseases.

These therapies can be practiced as a 30 minute routine daily to ensure total health upliftment which is defined in Bharat Paddhat as

Health = Physical Health + Mental Health + Psychological Health + Spiritual Health

The above is achieved through a collection of 4 therapies which the author has tested on herself and 50+ other volunteers who believed in her.

  1. Color Therapy
  2. Geometry Therapy
  3. Sound Therapy
  4. Breath Dance

The above therapies are enjoyable and very relaxing and engaging. The time to experience relief spans from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

The kind of health issues which have been successful using the above therapies are

  1. Headaches , Migranes, sinus, cold, cough
  2. Issues with throat pains
  3. Psychological and phobiac disorders
  4. Spinal pain, joint pain
  5. Digestion issues
  6. The count still goes on …

So get your copy of Bharat Paddhat or attend a Bharat Paddhat training session to cure your DIS-EASE with EASE